“RP4” Restaurant - Langon - SNC FAMILY GAMES – Building permit September 2015 - €400.000

Building permit / Work in progress

The land is made up of several cadastral plots. Our plot is plot N°1. The development is covered by building permit PA 033 227 1 2 P0001. The programme is part of a new construction project, RP4. Access routes to and from our plot are already in place. Our plot runs along the north of Rue des Bruyères and the main road in and out of the estate to the east. Access to the development is from the south. The development is bordered to the west by Plot N°2. The materials used are:
- outer walls and roof: metal structure
- facades: the northern, western and part of the southern façade sport light grey horizontal metal cladding, while the eastern side and part of the southern facade feature natural wood-coloured horizontal cladding.
The awning features a dark grey metal structure, covered in transparent solar panels.
- Aluminium frames: dark grey
- Cover: waterproof steel
5 Rue Blanc Dutrouilh 33000 Bordeaux